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Taman Ismail Marzuki Library

It has been 4th time I visited a library in Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) complex which means I really like the place. TIM is Jakarta Cultural Center which filled with art galleries, theatres, exhibition hall, cinemas, and Planetarium. Taman means park, and Ismail Marzuki is one of Indonesian famous composers. Adding to those facilities, there is a new library inside TIM complex named Perpustakaan Umum Daerah Provinsi DKI Jakarta, just besides Planetarium. 

I myself knew this library since the beginning of the year, after my husband saw a facebook post by his friend reviewing the playground inside this library. Like the other parents, we are now interested in hunting child friendly places where our kid can play and learn. 

Our first visit was quite a sudden decision; we stopped by this library after going to other places (I forgot, maybe some family houses), without doing any research beforehand like what time it was closed. Apparently we arrived 10 minutes before the playground closed. My husband hurrily took our child to 2nd floor to play in that last 10 minutes, and I would join later since I needed to go to toilet first. When I was about to go inside the lift to 2nd floor, the staff called and warned me that handbag is not allowed to carry inside. They provide lockers to put our belongings but you need to change one ID to get one locker key. I only had one ID (KTP) and I just realized it was left at home. I couldn’t put my bag inside our car either because the key was with my husband. I couldn’t go inside but he could go outside to lend me his ID or give me car key, but I didn’t ask him to do that because the playing time was about to finish anyway, so I just waited on the base floor. When they went down, I could see in my child’s face that she wanted to play more. My husband showed me some photos when she was playing. So happy!

That 2nd floor where there is a playground is the kids library. Outside the playground room, there are shelves full with a lot of kids books. Visitors can read on the carpet or in the small colorful kids desks/chairs. Besides the bookshelves, there is a games corner full with kids educational games such as puzzle, legos, alphabets and so on, mostly made of woods. Then in the glass room, it was the playground or the kids gym like swing, climbing, balls, etc. There is a staff watching out this playground room and usually very strict. All kids playing inside the room should wear socks, and not exceed a maximum limit height. 

On the 2nd and 3rd visit we also went there in the afternoon but way before its closing time. On our last visit (yesterday), this time we wanted to go there in the morning because we thought it would be less crowded than in the afternoon. What a good decision! Because, when we got there, we read an announcement about the new operating hours of the playground: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 10.00-12.00 only! No more afternoon session, I don’t know since when. Lucky kiddo, she was playing there so happy. 

Meanwhile, the Mom was not so lucky. Like I said above, on our first visit I didn’t bring ID. On the next visit, I wanted to be a member to borrow some books, but my Bekasi ID was not accepted (West Java Province, not Jakarta Province). Apparently they only accepted Jakarta Province ID or Employment Letter from company in Jakarta. At that time I was in the middle of moving my ID from Bekasi to Jakarta but I didn’t know when it will be finished, so I prepared Employment Letter from my company too. When I went to TIM Library again on the next visit, apparently my Jakarta ID was already finished. Yay, I can now become the library member….NOT! They needed the copy of my Jakarta ID and I did not have it. I asked if they have a photocopy machine and I can copy my ID here, they said no. Ugh! Yesterday finally I brought my ID copy and one photo ID (any size, I gave them 3×4 one). “So I can start borrowing the books today, right?” “No, currently we are having audit, so members cannot borrow books until undecided time.” What??!

This library has many variants of books from fiction, language, motivation, religion, business, etc. Not so many English books tho, but still attracts me to borrow and bring them home. I heard we can borrow each book for 2 weeks. Not only books, there are also computers in the first floor which I believe connected to internet so people can use them. There are opened seats, cubicles (if you want more private), comfortables sofas, carpets and greenery view. I really love spending my time here! 

Musholla is also in the first floor. While on the third floor has reference books and nursing room. There are clean toilets on each floor. This library opens everyday from 09.00 to 17.00. Kids library on the 2nd floor closes earlier at 16.00. Playground room opens only on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 10.00-12.00. 

Another thing that amazed me: there is 24-hour book returning machine! Uwoow it’s like in Singapore libraries. All of this is free, of course it should be! I remember Singapore libraries are also free for its citizens, but foreigners like me should pay around $50 per year and I was happily willing to pay such amount for all the good books and facilities there. I am so glad to find a good library in Jakarta. TIM Library is definitely my family’s favorite place.


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